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TV Projects


Animated Series, Live-Action TV Series, Graphic Novels, Video Games/VR

Parallel Lines

An Anthology TV Series based on the self-help book 

Shanghai Girls: Uncensored & Unsentimental


Inspiration for Heather:

Maya Hawke

A Half-Hour Comedy

A wealthy debutante Instagrammer, Heather Edwards, checks into a surreal digital detox center to hang on to her trust fund when her conservative banker father issues an ultimatum. Her arrival creates digital and real-life chaos as her attempts to maintain her 50+ millions of followers inside a WiFi dead zone of 400 acres proves to be nearly impossible--causing her to resort to EXTREME measures. Stuck inside the 'Peaceful Disconnect to Reconnect' wilderness landscape of Helena’s Wellness Center, Heather has to enlist new allies--Jo (the Center nutritionist) & Derrienne (an opportunistic Center employee) as well as the geeky hacker Lucy (her die-hard #1 fan)--to gain the upper hand against her father and his young 4th wife, Gwen. Heather's  ULTIMATE GOAL:  to get to 100 million followers.


film projects



Anna Liza Bella is an award-winning branded content pioneer and writer/producer with a breadth of experience across the entertainment/media industry, from television to film and digital platforms. She is currently a writer/producer on several TV projects, including Truth or Consequences, a supernatural thriller with John Legend's Get Lifted and ABC Studios. She's also developing and producing a half-hour animated comedy Minor Offenders, a limited series about a black punk band from Detroit called Rock N' Roll Victims and a TV project New Kongo that explores an alternate timeline/history in which Lincoln pulls out of the Civil War giving rise to two different countries.





Mina Choi (a.k.a. Hanbury-Tenison) is a writer based in Ireland. She was born in Seoul, went to high school in NYC and graduated from Yale University with a degree in Literature. She lived for two decades in Shanghai beginning in 1997. During her time there, she wrote Shanghai Girls: Uncensored and Unsentimental, and was one of the top columnists for Wall Street Journal China and Oriental Outlook with her column titled "Lost in Shanghai." She has been touring her pop-up play House Plays in Ireland for the past few years. Her work can be found on

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